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Full Version: Pioneer Handbooks Update
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Check out the latest covered wagon trekking update. So cool. I would love to follow that trek now & see how much of it you could recognise! TL.
You will find an unbelievable amount of information in these historical guides. Chapter 1 alone is a mammoth compendium of hard won info & with the reasoning & trail accounts to underwrite it. No armchair expert guideology here! Just the bit alone on supplies, daily rations, preparation of meats & vegetables, different animals pros & cons, suitable footwear in different climatic conditions, snow blindness counters, etc etc is an absolute goldmine! . Have a read & enjoy.

There is more akin in here for people who have to revert to a more historical lifestyle than we could ever work out on our own. Thank our great great grandfathers & mothers for their courage & foresight to pass all this on. TL. Incredible!!
Brilliant! Such sites are very valuable for Preppers. There are lots of books out there that can prove valuable to Preppers. Many 'how to do books' such as boat buiding, keeping chickens, making farm implements; I could go on and on. Search the net for the subjects you wish to know about, there is masses of information. Seek and ye shall find, as the good book says. Kenneth Eames.