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Full Version: Bugging Out Tonight! Ha! Ha!
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Well, it would seem that it's likely to be atrocious weather tonight and so I have decided to pit myself against the elements and bug out!

Mad! I hear you all cry? Well, maybe but I am bugging out in the tent in my back garden!!! This should test my newest tent and I will only be using the contents of my BOB, with a couple of exceptions ... I'm making a flask of tea, taking my iPad and two great, fat, fluffy cats with me!

If it gets too much I'm moving back inside!

Tent is up and ready to go, I suppose I should have waited for the wind to get up and for it to start tipping down but I'm not!

If you never hear from me ever again, you may presume I have been washed away!!! Rolleyes
I do it myself nothing wrong with testing kit in back garden, enjoy.
I wish I had a garden... have fun
i think im going to join you (in my own garden xD)
if im lucky maybe my cats will catch me some food (9 of the bastards should catch something xD)

i must say tonights weather has been lovely, despite flooding everywhere, me and my dad went for a drive around the place to look at the floods and its been lovely Smile
well after spending ages making a makeshift hammock and lean to using nothing but a pen knife spool of string (yes string) and the plastic stuff used for lining ponds, i have successfully made myself a robust hammock and shelter, all thats left is to carry up my sleeping bag, bivvy bag and a few things, including a broken lighter (only strikes, no gas) and some tinder so i can get a fire going without using matches or a lighter Smile.....tonight is officially my first exercise in survival, making a shelter out of bad materials, a fire without matches and all in terrible weather Smile

thanks to BOB for the idea Smile
I did this myself some time ago. But I didn't use a tent. I spent a weekend in the garden testing stuff, sharing breakfast with the chickens and giving Postie a chuckle. He thought I'd lost my marbles, well I suppose it's not every day you see a 50 something lady sharing toast with a Light Sussex!
Many times as a young man, I camped in all weathers, snow, gales,etc.. I am still quite capable of doing it. Last year I was camping in an Alderwood on the Island of Bute, where it rained all the time. Most enjoyable! Kenneth Eames.
i must admit i had one of the best nights of my live last night, although im very thankful for my dads gore tex bivvy bag and his sleeping bag homemade hammock held up nicely, which i didnt expect, i guess string is stronger than i thought xD

im very happy i did this, not only did i have fun, but i got better at lighting and building fires, without lighter or matches ^^ and made a very ramshackle shelter Smile...i cant wait for my swedish firesteel to arrive tomorrow, and my first proper knife Smile

thank you BOB and SUK for fueling my passion to learn survival Smile

@TOF and kenneth, they sound like great times indeed! im sure the postie had a good giggle about it on the way home!....i think i shall definately follow your example kenneth, i believe its pointless having survival skills unless they are tested in the harshest conditions, which is exactly why i went outside last night Smile

@BOB i hope your night was good too dude Smile
Hi Everyone!

Well it tipped it down and all was enjoyable but a couple of things came to light ... Firstly, it's a 2 man tent made for hiking, cycling etc. With one small person and two fluffy cats no matter how wide their girth do not equal another person! So, we found it cramped and difficult to stop things like tails and BOBs and elbows and feet touching the skin of the tent but we managed it and had a rather enjoyable time listening to R4, drinking tea and snacking on food from BOB.

The actual footprint of the tent is only very slightly larger than my sleeping bag which is a British Army arctic bag which clearly is made for someone Of Big Paul's dimensions! Last night I used a cheap old somewhat smaller Halfords bag ( picked up for
£1 in brand new condition at a charity shop). On my 'To Do' list, I am scheduled to chop large amounts off my arctic bag and I will now be moving this up the list. Tonight, I am bugging out in my other 2 man, double skinned tent so that I can draw a direct comparison between the two.
The trekking tent is very, very small and light weight to carry, tonights one is bigger but weighs alot more. If I cut vast swathes off my arctic bag this will reduce my BOBs weight which may make it viable to use the bigger tent with BOB and the trekking tent in the GHB.

We shall see! Excellent fun though! I would like to plan a little 'wilderness camping' at some point with a view to testing out the contents of BOB and survival / hunting techniques and am
wondering if any of the other women here would like to get together and do this? Ideally it's best to test your skills in isolation, on your own however I am mindful that pre SHTF our methods of self preservation, should agressors be encountered, are somewhat limited right now.

I'm off to put up tent number 2 now
awh women only, sucks xD...i woulda joined in otherwise xD

glad you had a good time Smile...good to see another survivalists with lovely fluffy cats ^^

have fun tonight with your other tent Smile
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