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Full Version: Pine Pitch - A Primitive Epoxy
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so heres some more useful primitive skills!

this time its pine pitch a very useful material for making all sorts of stuff, from helping bind you homemade arrow shafts to their heads, and sharpened flints to their handles, a good epoxy or glue is a must for making primitive tools!

so theres some links on the subject Smile.....also one of my favourite websites, i recommend reading other articles on there!
Yes, a very good website. I often view it. Plenty of good material there. There are some very good sites that deal with primitive life, all worth visiting. Put a search in for Primitive living and its amazing what comes up. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time nowadays, I seem to be sleeping more than I used. Afternoon nap, falling asleep whilst reading, early to bed. Old age is a Kenneth Eames.
i think that sites like that, that are as much a history website as anything, are perhaps the most valuable to a prepper! they demonstrate tried and tested techniques that sustained many many generations of humanity, if that aint the ultimate test, i dont know what is!

hell i'd rather be sleeping more regularly than not being able to get to sleep Tongue i used to not be able to sleep for 48 hours, then when i did, sleep for like 18 hours xD
pinepitch is great if you make things like wooden ski or snowshoes. I know somebody in norway uses it alot thats a cool site