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Full Version: the possibles pouch
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the possibles pouch. i have listed all the items i can think of for a possibles pouch(not that they would all be in at the same time) if anyone can think of anything else that would be good all the time item or to add to your stores for winter pouch maybe, lets hear them.
small spoon/spawk-small lock knife-leatherman-assortment of different type stanley blades in paper rap-pike fishing wire-fishing line(braid) lighter with led at other end-emergency tinder(fire card/south us pine ect)mini pot of petrolium jelly-mini maglight torch-mini first aid kit-super glue-tampon/s-water pure tabs-bandana-candle-para chord-good sharpening stone-duct tape round c,card-assortment of fishing hooks,tackle-carrabina's-rolled up bin linner-zip lock bags-slingshot band-10.00 note-lazer pen-mag glass-fire steel-condom-oxo cubes-space blanket-snap light-smoke bomb-multi vit pills-small mirror-compass-casio style digdi watch with strap cut off-whistle-para chord-
Bottle of Jack Daniels. Wink
(7 October 2012, 18:20)BrixhamBadger Wrote: [ -> ]Bottle of Jack Daniels. Wink

or a bag of jack hererCool
i,m with bb

Maybe a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, pen (for triage or just drawing on people while they sleep/lie dead), map, compass, dust mask, caffeine tablets (pro plus)....the list is pretty big really.

Is your Possibles Pouch just an EDC?
Thermal socks... I hate cold feetSad
(8 October 2012, 14:50)Hexyprep Wrote: [ -> ]Thermal socks... I hate cold feetSad

I found a trick to that. Run faster!!!

Could always just use a bit of dry leaves or scrunched newspaper for insulation. Works fine for tramps.
(7 October 2012, 18:50)Wildman Wrote: [ -> ]or a bag of jack hererCool

That's more like it Big Grin
(8 October 2012, 15:14)BeardyMan Wrote: [ -> ]
(7 October 2012, 18:50)Wildman Wrote: [ -> ]or a bag of jack hererCool

That's more like it Big Grin

Don't forget your tinder (skins & roach)