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Full Version: a night in the woods
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I rigged this up and had a very good nights sleep , the mozzie net worked a treat , no good waiting until until I HAVE TO do it , used the woods at work .

[Image: P5140186.jpg]
[Image: P5140187-1.jpg]

nice setup dude, do you try it out often? and in different weather conditions? if you can get a good nights sleep in heavy rain and wind, you're golden Smile

also, ever try just a hammock, tarp and sleep bag?
what no fire?? looks a little cold to me Big Grin

nice set up Big Grin
Nicely done just remember in some southern areas all that warm kit on the floor would have the local adders crawling underneath to grab the warmth, so if or when possible everything slightly off the ground.
thanks for the comments , that night I did not need a fire but I have tried it when the weather was rubbish and slept warm . woken by the rain at times , I also have a tarp , hammock and sleeping bag but in the cold months I find I have to have an under quilt on the hammock to eliminate the cold spot , which bulks up my bag , that rucksack in the picture is only a 45 litre , NR I agree . but what the photos dont show is the military hammock/stretcher/A frame bed that i was using as a ground sheet that night , the A frame takes a little time to make and is great BUT leaves a trail of where I have been as it takes 5 poles to erect it , so I was just trying out a different set up.

and of the pretty girl in the background ??????? Smile
how good are the underquilts for hammocks? ive been considering getting one lately, i dont think its essential really, but certainly seems like something that'll make life that lil bit nicer if im relying on me BoB

also if thats where you work your a lucker bugger Smile
how much and where from did you get that moz net
(28 October 2012, 10:42)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]and of the pretty girl in the background ??????? Smile

Looks like she was inserted into the picture.


hi,when we were campng out in the wilds of bulgaria we used bangers (firework type) to rid the area of snakes before setting up. but if we were setting up camp on the quiet, we used moth balls, just scattered half a dozen about for the same result.
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