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(19 November 2012, 23:35)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]
(19 November 2012, 23:10)Highlander Wrote: [ -> ]Domsday Preppers is certainly very `American`,... but there are quiet a few good ideas on show,... I like it too

Unfortunately Nat Geo on the 28th of this month are doing a British edition of the show, and from what I'm hearing it makes us look pretty stupid, well at least them on the show!!. I hope not TBH.

Unfortunately I think that tv bosses think that people watching tv like to see people that they can belittle a bit?( gypsy wedding ect) Hence why try to find preppers that are not quite right in the head instead of the clever and hard working that I know most are
Smear cotton wool balls in vaseline, then store them inside short lengths of drinking straw.
A piece of charred wood was a frequent item in tinder boxes, because you could trow a spark onto it however you want to, and it would catch. You could then blow on it to ignite tinder and small kindling, and extuinguish the wood for later use.
when I get time I'm going to be looking into char cloth/rope and have that and cotton wool in vaseline
Silver birch has always been real good but if you have the time to collect only the lightest peelings they'll catch in any condition that isn't a hurricane.
(20 November 2012, 13:08)I-K-E Wrote: [ -> ]when I get time I'm going to be looking into char cloth/rope and have that and cotton wool in vaseline

I tried 5 times yesterday to make char rope but no success.

The cotton wool and vaseline combo works great but I want to have char rope also. Redundancy is always good. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

I-K-E, please let me know if yours works when you try it out. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
Cotton wool in vasaline to get started then add a hexi tablet. Worked very well recently at Scouts using wet wood. Got a good fire going.
always carry a tin of Vaseline! and cotton wool, both have many uses and together make perfect firestarters Smile

also string works in lieu of cotton wool, just unwind it to seperate strands then tease apart and fluff up, after a while you'll get used to it Smile
One of the best ways to start a fire is with wire wool and a 9v battery
You can also roll the wire wool in vaseline to get a bigger flame. Thanks, I'd forgotten that one.
if your looking for something to use as tinder try bark from a silver birch, catches quite easy. just rough it up a bit so the sparks from your flint have something to catch on and bed into. you can also collect the sap and drink it as a good source of sugar (not good to drink a lot though, heard it can damage your eyesight) but it can also be brewed into wine or beer Big Grin

as for Doomsday preppers i love the show but i find these people to be incredibly stupid. why go through all the trouble of saving provisions and building secret bunkers only to go on TV and show everyone where it is?
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