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Full Version: Mixing Veg Oil with Diesel to power a generator
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I need help here !!
Does anybody know if this works, and if so what Hardware are you using and what are you mixing !!

I've seen various chats about running a diesel genny on mixes of derv and veggie oil, Some claim veggie oil in to high a concentration damages injector pumps seals, some same its only feasable in warmer weather. Some say you add parafin as well in cold weather, others say you add acetone to up the cetane rating. I often run my Transit van on 80% derv 20% veg oil but I'm a coward when it comes to my vehicles engine.
In a diesel engine, it can be used on it's own but the oil tends to be too thick and clogs the injectors and cannot be atomised. if the oil is hotter it is less viscous so will flow better.

Older engines will run better the oil. I think the ratio is meant to be a 20% diesel/petrol and 80% veg oil.

You could also have the two tank system where the oil is heated before it is used.

That is all I know!
Use less oil during the colder months as it can be a devil to start