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Full Version: a spoon full of suger
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will add some to my meds...along with honey
Cool thats another good find, I''ll add it to my files thanks, Makes you think about natural stuff more because its only recently i have just about cured my wifes eyelid condition with Mankuna honey, where prescribed medicines only subdued it.
That ``is a very good find, well done.
NR,.. I have used Mankuna honey as part of my dog first aid kit,.. that stuff works wonders on any sort of wound,... its expensive, but almost any sort of `natural` honey works the same
Providone - Iodine solution (used by surgeons to "scrub" for surgery), mixed with granulated sugar to a thick paste and spread on wounds - especially ulcers and bed sores, works wonders.
interesting info that about the sugar and the honey
im sure sugar or honey was used like that in the napolenononic war
I am sure honey was used for centuries before they knew how to grow sugar.
found this honey seems to be better but sugar is almost as good

Br J Surg. 1991 Apr;78(4):497-8.
Topical application of honey in treatment of burns.
Subrahmanyam M.
SourceDepartment of Surgery, Dr V.M. Medical College, Maharashtra, India.

A total of 104 cases of superficial burn injury were studied to assess the efficiency of honey as a dressing in comparison with silver sulfadiazine gauze dressing. In the 52 patients treated with honey, 91 per cent of wounds were rendered sterile within 7 days. In the 52 patients treated with silver sulfadiazine, 7 per cent showed control of infection within 7 days. Healthy granulation tissue was observed earlier in patients treated with honey (mean 7.4 versus 13.4 days). Of the wounds treated with honey 87 per cent healed within 15 days as against 10 per cent in the control group. Relief of pain, a lower incidence of hypertrophic scar and postburn contracture, low cost and easy availability make honey an ideal dressing in the treatment of burns.

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