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Full Version: What to do with dead bodies
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New on here and still reading the posts, but so far I cannot find the answer to a question that I have.

What to do with dead bodies?

My tactic is to stay within the city as I have some good resources near by. For example their is a river at the bottom of my garden, plenty of timber in the form of a trees (small woodlands) finally I live in a nice area that is very close to open countryside.

Now on both sides of me live two old couple who would not survive any great upheaval, so when they die in their homes would their decomposing bodies be a treat to me. Beyond the river is an old peoples home (I'm surrounded by old people) would the death of 100 people within 200m have an effect on me?

Looking forward to your replies

Fuzzy Felt Bloke Big Grin
For hygeine reasons you would want to dispose of them, bag em and bury/burn. Fingers crossed it wouldnt come to that. If its a pandemic im pretty sure you wouldnt go near stock up on gloves, masks, disposible overalls. Idealy you wouldnt be near anyone post shtf
Put them on a barge and sail them down the river haha. Just kidding.

If you bury a body, it has to be below 6feet, because that's the threshold for animals to dig them up (so I've been told). If you burn them, you'll be left with skeletons to deal with. Also, it's going to give off smoke, smell, and stuff like that, not great.

The best way to burn a body is to wrap it in a sleeve and make an external wick type system. This will cause the body to burn so violently that even the bones break down. It also causes minimal smoke. Non-fatty parts won't burn properly. So you could be left with shins and feet. Hand and forearms would probably be against the body when it's in flames.

There is always the idea of feeding a person to pigs, made famous by the film Snatch. But I'd not be too into chopping up a dead body.

It all depends on what level of effort you want to go to. Could just tie them to a log and float them off down the river (easier than the barge idea).

Have you thought about trying to speed up the decomposition process? Use a load of maggots to clean them up asap.
There's always the serial killer's vat of acid system?
Other option is to farm them, fatten them up and sell them to the local cnnibal biker gang :p

Lime and broken glass is also ment to help with the decomposition of bodies.
my words exactly. if in the urban area you better not to dispose the bodies to the rivers where your getting the water from.

it is better to bury or burn them. not to leave it to the rats and birds to eat them. you may have to eat those rats later...

may be the less energy consuming solution is the transport the bodies to the woods?

i know in my country we have over 600 bears, some of wolves, bobcats and lot of foxes and raccoon dogs in the wooded area. all opportunist scavengers. best of all you don't have to eat them (the scavengers) later. well, may be the bears, but older bears meat contains parasites so you have to cook 'em really thoroughly.

keep the neighborhood clean!
Hi all, thanks for the replies. I was meaning more along the lines off if a couple die next door in their house, should I worry about the decomposing bodies or am I far enough away from them.

The river I talk of is more a stream.

Kind regards
I would dispose of them, bet safe than sorry plus the smell would be unbarable especialy if there only nextdoor

Erik are racoon dogs just ferral dogs?
Welcome to the forum,

You ask a good question,... it really depends on what the event is and how they die,... either way the smell alone is not going to be good,... that can work in your favor though, the smell is very likely to keep people away, if you want to hide it may help

Other than that you will really need to get rid of them, and burning is really the only real way of doing it, burying is going to be far too hard, but collecting the bodies into one place [ say a wooden shed ] and setting it alight maybe the only way

As already said, stock up on gloves etc,..and even a couple of gas masks would be very useful indeed
Hi, welcome, I personally always figured that there would always be something you could use as an accelerant and to make a pile of the bodies as best you could so they could be burned, like in all the films you see of olden times.
(17 February 2013, 21:24)Madgirl151 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, welcome, I personally always figured that there would always be something you could use as an accelerant and to make a pile of the bodies as best you could so they could be burned, like in all the films you see of olden times.

You don't need the bodies to burn completely away,.. when a body is burnt to a certain degree, it become black and very hard,... the inside will not be burnt, but the smell will no longer be there, and I am fairly sure that any threat of disease is removed as well
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