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Full Version: Bushcraft on a Budget
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Came across this,Might help people on a budget
Many years ago when I was teaching Secondary school I was saddled with one session of a class called "Life Skills". It was a very boring class involving an attempt to keep the educational system in touch with real life student needs.

I did some unconventional things like prep training and recreation planning.

One section of the class was devoted to low cost camping as a recreation for folks starting up life with little as a recreational budget.

In those days I would require the students to put together a usable camp for $50 US. They would go about town taking photos of gear with price to prove their planning.

Most of the camps resembled that is shown on the link.

Occasionally I would have some young hobo genuis set up a fantastic ultra cheap camp.

Some of the kids would come up with good alternative uses for items like shower curtains, tins and tarps.

It was a fun section of the curriculum.

Oddly, after skinning out and processing a road killed deer, to show where their food came from, I was never asked to teach that course again!
Outside of the Midge season, I think that's the only way to camp,.. sadly though, during the midge season, I have to take a `proper` tent or get eaten alive