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Full Version: 25 survival uses for duct/gaffa tape.
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join the club, i havent got dentures-cant abide them but i've only got 9 teeth!!Big GrinBig Grin
nah I cant use the dentures either. im more of a gummie bear lol
Had All mine since not being as fast as I thought I was with my hands ....mostly on Saturday nights ...was not much of a drinker either but this did impair my decision making friends with other mens girl friends
everything my mother caught me doing and said I would regret later has resulted in hardly any teeth and arthritis.
oh how I wish id listened.
You can use it for wart removal not sure if thats 100% true.

Idont like dentists
ive heard rumours of the wart removal. ive never had a wart though. and never been brave enough to mention gaffa tape to anyone that has one.
i do love this stuff cheers BP
I keep several feet of "black maskers" as we call it (Naval term for Black duct tape) in my EDC pouch. Just unravel it from a roll and fold it around itself so it's like a credit card and it's always accessible. Keeps our helo's flying Wink
I have a few feet wrapped around by Sigg drink bottle. Keeps the drink cool and is a useful place to store the tape.
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