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Full Version: 25 survival uses for duct/gaffa tape.
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Lmao thanks loads dude.

Having been rescued many times before by the miracles of duct tape, under many differning situations you would think I would understand the importance of a bit of duct tape in your kit.

the second you posted this post. I realised I haven't actually got any.
not even in my tool box at the moment.
so once again thanks dude. you probably just saved my life a few times lol
got 2 rolls in the workshop, every time i go somewhere i'll get another one-you cant have too much gaffa tape!Big Grin
I usually have some in toolbox, but I remember not having any last time I needed it.
and I haven't replaced it .
and I know theres non in my pack because id totally forgotten about it.
I still use duct tape for work-a-day tasks but my e-kits and survival supplies now include Gorillia Tape.

It is a much better preformer than the standard duct tape, applies and sticks when wet and holds with amazing force. It is twice as tick and much more sticky that regualr D-tape.

It can be used to patch boats, even inflatables.
Gorrilla tape is good like, but its a lot more expencive.
I can get duct tape for just over £1 a roll.
i buy Gaffa tape-a bit more expensive but it dont half stick!!Big Grin
I like the gaffa tape.
its what I used to tape cables down when I was a sound and lighting tech.
anything that can stay stuck after a dance troup has walked all over it for 2 shows a night over 5 nights is good enough for me.
One for luci......done a gig in local rugby club...used duck tape as normal to hold down the multi core the place was bouncing ...tore a piece off cut it with my teeth ...very macho stuff ....but top dentures stuck to take....rapid 90 degree turn hit the floor pretending to stick more tape to front of stage...phew got away with it.....I sticks alright
lmao luckily I still had all my teeth then.
sadly now I don't though.
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