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Full Version: How to make your own medical kit
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I,ve seen these kits on the net going from £65.00 up to £365

The one for around £65.00 has this :
•1 Mini AM/FM wind-up radio with LED torch
•1 Wind-up LED torch
•1 Emergency drinking water ration 500ml
•1 Emergency food ration biscuits 2500Kcal
•2 Emergency light stick military grade
•1 Emergency sleeping bag
•1 Foil thermal blanket
•1 Emergency whistle
•1 Disposable mask
•1 Compact First Aid Kit
•1 Notebook and pencil
•1 Re-sealable bag
•10 Water purification tablets
•1 Rucksack with photoluminescent text

I can buy this equipment for around £25 And a few quid for a rucksack out of the local charity shops .

I want more of the Emergency equipment in my rucksacks but to get that pre-packed its going to be up around the £150-200 mark if I buy on the net.

So I decided I,m going make my own Emergency kit

The kit will be for 1 person and must last a good few months if posible untill we adapt to use things like the inner of the bark of a tree for healing !

It will be a seperate kit we each carry for accidents and health problems,nothing to do with food or water,no lights or batteries,no water tablets no lighters etc just full on 1st aid accident and health kit.

So guys what do I need in my kit ?

Perhaps we should make some of these things ourselves and sell them between us. Who can get cheap medical stuff?

This not complete but a list I started making some time back, it might help you a bit.

Large wound dressing
Medium wound dressing
Triangular bandage (sling)
Eye pad
Wound dressing pad
Tubular support bandage
Crepe bandages

Fabric Plaster roll
Wound Closure Strips
Surgical Tape
Cleansing wipes

Safety Pins
Tick removal Tool (O'Tom Tick Twister)
CPR face shield
Blunt scissors
Saline eye wash
Eye bath
Disposable gloves
Tweezers Forceps

Burn gel/cream
Vaseline (Multi use)
Rehydration sachets (Dioralyte)
Loperamide (Treats Diarrhoea)
Antacid tablets
Tigerbalm (heat cream)
Chlorphenamine (Multi use)
Miconazole Cream (antifungal)
Iodine Tincture (clean wounds and cleans water)
Calamine lotion (Multi use)
Germolene Cream

Insect repellent (30-50 percent deet)
Insect bite treatment
Hydrocortisone cream
Water-purification tablets
Sunblock (for body and lips)
Oral-rehydration packets
Rehydration measuring spoon 3 Dextrose tablets
Motion sickness tablets

For common infections
(e.g., amoxicillin)
For bacterial diarrhea and severe
infections (e.g., ciprofloxacin)
For amoebic dysentery
(e.g., tinidazole)

indigestion/diarrhea remedies
Anti-diarrheal (e.g., Loperamide)
Antacid tablets
Creams and Gels
Cold-sore remedy
allergy medicine
(e.g., Claritin or EpiPen)
anti-malarial (e.g., Malarone)

eyes and ears
Eye bandage
Antibiotic eyedrops and eardrops
Sterile eyewash
Gel eyedrops
Cotton swabs
Disposable thermometers
Small flashlight
Surgical gloves
Lip salve

regular personal medication
Cold and allergy remedies
Antiseptic throat lozenges
Nasal decongestant spray
Cold and flu medication
Heartburn/Upset Stomach medications
Pepto-Bismol, etc.
General pain relievers
Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.
Hand Sanitizer

SD, I do not recommend selling things for if you are caught you will have VAT to pay and probably there will be other problems such as paying business rates, as you are using your home as a business. Barter will be a far better method. As I understand it barter is not business in the normal sense. I am sure they know all about the site already and are watching for false moves made by members. Kenneth Eames.

Barter is still liable for tax from what I can understand. The thieving tax people will always want a cut as they need it to stave off the inevitable time when the music stops.

We can still sell things to eat other.Just don't make it a business.
Hello SD, I did not know that barter was taxable so we can try selling to each other. I have a good stock of Homoeopathic medicines and a much lesser amount of Herbal medicine so if anyone would require any of these, I would sell or barter to them. However, soon I am sure they will be able to make there own. Herbal information coming soon and some Herbal Pharmacy. Any advice I can offer is free. I belong to a school of Herbal medicine that Believes that if you accept money for treatment, the treatment will not work. Kenneth Eames.