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Full Version: Common Medical Lotions
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Benadryl Anti histamine Bite / sting cream
Calamine Lotion Soothing cream
Canesten AF Athletes foot / Jock Itch cream
Canesten Combi Anti fungal plus anti inflammatory Thrush cream / tab
Canesten Hydrocortisone Anti inflammatory/anti bacterial/anti fungal cream
Germaline Anti Septic plus small burn treatment cream
Germaloid Haemeroid and anti inflammatory cream
Iglu Oral ulcer gell
Lamasil Once Anti Fungal gell
Listerine Anti Bacterial Mouthwash
Lanacaine Anaesthetic cooling cream
Sudocrem Boils, burns, rashes & Sunblock Zinc cream
Dioralyte Dehydration treatment sachets
Gaviscon Indigestion treatment liquid
Colofac IBS gut and bowel treatment tablets
Zovirax Oral Cold Sore treatment cream
Chloramphenicol Eye infection ointment cream
Double base Dry skin moisturiser
Petrolium jelly Chapped skin treatment
Otrivine Nasal Decongestant