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Full Version: Czech Army Sleeping System
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Hi All

I've got a Czech Army sleeping bag/system on its way to me.

It was a complete steal so kind of bought on a whim.

I'm doing a dummy bug out/camping run next weekend for three nights,

i WANT to try this out, but cant see past my british army sleeping bag,

anyone had any experience of the czech one?
They are pretty cool, but a tad heavy.
have you got cover?
IIRC they are similar to the Yugoslavian ones and they are quite warm but heavy, so it should last. Unfortunately I cannot remember what filling they used but it may have been goose Down
Let me know how you find it, was browsing amazon last night abd spotted one.
On a particularly cold weekend at Santa Pod I browsed an army surplus tent for a sleeping bag, I found what the seller said was a German army tank crew sleeping bag. It has a waterproof outer, a hood, arms with mittens attached, and a zip across the knees that allows you to get your feet out and walk around in it. That sleep suit has kept me warm at many venues since then, if you can find one buy it.
(29 May 2013, 16:54)SecretPrepper Wrote: [ -> ]They are pretty cool, but a tad heavy.
have you got cover?

Yeah i have, i was actually needing a stuff sack for my sleeping bag and a whole new sleep system was cheaper!! Huh

Ok, thanks for the comments, it seems like it should be fine for my little outing, i'll post up a short review in a week or so.

3 season really. If it gets down to near 0 it'll be a chilly night in those. I did have a few for sale, things sold really quickly. Still, even if you need an extra wool blanket or two to keep you warm they're still a damn site cheaper than a new 4 or 5 season bag!