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Full Version: First Aid Kit, Air Force IFAK
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Mate bought me a gift few weeks back, did not know what it was until today as I had to travel to London to pick it up, and he would not tell me over the phone, was very happy to see it was an army med kit, one of the items inside is stuff called quick clot, anyone know more about this stuff, I was told way back by a marine that it’s not something to be used lightly can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but since lost contact with said person (hope he is still alive), would like to know more about this stuff, this kit is very nice.

Anyway here is the kit, might be of intrest to some here.

Air Force IFAK ( U.S. Air Force Individual First Aid Kit )

NSN: 6545-01-528-6546


[Image: 16k9guh.jpg]

[Image: 21jdhdv.jpg]

[Image: axle02.jpg]

[Image: 29c274p.jpg]

[Image: 713g1x.jpg]

I found a UK company that sells these.
Nice kit keep it safe.
Very nice. Will make a good add on.