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Full Version: Camping/Bushcraft
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I'm camping here tonight then doing a bushcraft course there the next morning/afternoon, apparently we hunt for our lunch Big Grin
I will review when I return. Have a good weekend.

That's awesome mate. Really looking forward to the review. Take loads of pics for us.
aye have fun, look forward to reading about your experiences
Back from this yesterday and as promised here is my review:

The camp site is in East Sussex, on the A275 on the route to Lewis. The camp site is divided into four separate pitch areas. Each of these has a fire pit with wooden benches surrounding it. You can buy a box of firewood for £5 - mine lasted into the early hours and I still had some left. I found the camp site pleasant enough and the staff friendly, it kind of errs on the side of eco/hippy and you can bring you own ‘acoustic’ instrument which you can play in the acoustic pitch until 11:30pm if you are so inclined. Some of the areas are a bit sparse on showers though, the one I was in only had one and the washing up facilities were way back near reception. I stayed in the ‘Upper Moat’ pitch which was next to the ‘Big Wood’ which was where the Bushcraft Course took place.

The Bushcraft Course started at 11am and lasted just over 2 hours. There were about 15 people on the course, including myself. It is an introduction course to eating in the wild and as someone who had next to no knowledge in the area I found it very informative. The instructor ‘Steve’ certainly seemed to know his stuff and had a pleasant friendly manner. Things on the menu included nettles, burdock, and sloe’s. After we had collected these we went back to camp and mixed our ingredients with a flour, dried milk, and water solution to make Bannock bread (a Scottish highlands recipe). We then kneaded this and wrapped it round sticks and cooked it over the open fire, it took a while to cook but tasted great when done. All in all a great course in a great location and very worthwhile, if like me, you are just starting out in Bushcraft. Have copied some links below and some photo’s.

Good write up and pics! Sounds like a nice gentle way to get people interested and on the right road.