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Full Version: Urban-Craft (Urban Bushcraft) thoughts
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It would be good to get some opinions of what skills people think would be a part of Urban-Craft.

Suggestions please
Firstly do not think that Urbancraft only applies to cities and the burbs, it is equally applicable in small towns and rural villages!
Avoiding Detection
Identifying and Recovering water sources and materials to purify water
Identifying and recovering food sources
Locating and foraging for wild NON POLLUTED foods
Developing transit routes to and from place of safety
Collecting specialist access keys like storm drain keys
Finding safe places to shelter and cook that wont give away your position
Mapping CCTV and other surveillance equipment ( and plotting ways to avoid it)
Finding B O routes not likely to be used by sheeple
Identify choke points
Identify likely locations for official check points and unofficial ambushs
Identify URBAN specific threats such as local gang territory or places with live rail lines, places likely to face flood
Identify safe locations for shelter if civil unrest triggers large scale riots or out of control arson triggered fire storms
Identifying useable Elevated and Sub Terr travel routes
Identifying suitable places to set up OPs
Identifying suitable urban locations to hide caches of supplies securely and safely
Setting up suitable URBAN comms short range SECURE systems

God almighty some times I am so thick, this should have been first.

""" Testing water sources in urban locations to see if they have been treated with rust inhibitors, anti bacterial agents, anti fungal agents, excess dissolved lead or copper levels, antifreeze agents ( alcohol and / or glycol based), excess sodium hypo levels, faecal matter levels, typhus or other nasties etc""" Boiling does not remove chemical additives or metallic additives.
Understanding how the water network operates
Locating Underground service reservoirs
Obtaining a fire hydrant/stand pipe
Sourcing a gate Key (for closing/opening valves on the water network)
Dev can I snaffle those four items for an Urban prep " how to" ?
Snaffle - LOL!!

Whatever that means, course you can.
snaffle = use

Ta muchly.