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Full Version: Navir Looky Periscope
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I've been looking for a periscope for ages. They are few and far between and all seem to cost £100+. Well, I found this toy periscope on eBay and thought I would give it a try.

Sure it is cheap, at £8, and cheerful, mine is bright red but it works. You can hide around a corner, extend the scope up to 14 inches or use it collapsed 7 inches and you can see around corners.

It doesn't magnify anything though although I do think it shrinks the view very slightly. So slightly it is difficult to tell.

I'm going to paint the top part of mine a dark colour even though the area is so small that even being bright red it is difficult to see.

Even cheap and cheerful and bright colours it is well worth £8 for the benefit of being able to hide and look out and well worth adding to your toolkit.