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Full Version: The Treebog Is Complete!
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Well, after several weeks on and off, our new treebog is ready for action in the woodland.

[Image: t68efq.jpg]

It is suspended between four Noble Firs, about a metre off the ground.

[Image: vmxhdu.jpg]

The seat and wood panels are recycled from our bathroom refit.

[Image: des6jp.jpg]

Pine needles for putting down on top of the, err, business!

[Image: ak945g.jpg]

Obligatory Suffolk Latch

[Image: 214nln4.jpg]

Inspiring view of the tree canopy from within.

The treebog is like a composting loo, except the poo just drops down onto the ground below the bog. The presence of the trees should speed up the composting process and it should remain stink-free provided that the nitrogen in the poo is balanced with some carbon in the form of woody material thrown in, and we don't let too much liquid down there. So the rule is; ladies feel free to "fire on all cylinders", but gents, please find a convenient tree for the No. 1's.

Materials mostly recycled from some building work we had done, and some larch from a local sawmill, plus roof sheeting and bamboo screening from B&Q.

We see this as a major step in being able to use the woodland as an alternative long-term base (more an alternative bug-in location than a bug-out location).
Nice one Tarrel,

I hope this new venture receives a lot of business

Excellent. Perhaps a trap door could be added so that uninvited guests can fall into the, er, "basement" ?

Very impressive and a room with a view Big Grin