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Full Version: Main Site back up
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I've rebuilt the main site and put it back online. Leaving the file site offline atm while I check the coding.

Let me know if you notice any performance problems on here now.
Thanks for the rebuild SD! Have been patiently waiting for the articles to come back up so can check a few things.
Hopefully the membership numbers will now increase with things back to normal.
It'll need a bit more publicity after the time it has been down. Will look at what I can do over the next week while I am on leave.
When I click on Home Page I still only get a blank white page , or after more than a minute of two the home page then loads.

I can get direct access to this forum but it does not show the url in a googlesearch
All working OK here.... opens up in a couple of seconds.
Back to the same old same old, three attempts to log on and make posts this morning and each time it times out and I only get a blank whitepage, or the timers just runs and runs and runs and my post does not upload.

The post above I tried to upload at 10.45 it took til 10.48 to load?

PS moving around the forum is down to a crawl yet again
NR. I'll call you later. I've been on it all day to get it back on Google and it has been fine. We can try it and see how it goes. In the meantime put some more logs on to get some steam up. Smile
I'm out most of the afternoon today mate, forum has infact sped up over the last hour or two.
Just a thought NR, have you tried clearing your temporary files etc on your PC in case you have an old cached version of the site?

Press the Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys on your PC at the same time (assuming you are using a Windows based PC) to get the options for deleting temporary files etc....
Yup and the issue is not here that's 100% sure cos I tried on this Toshiba Satelite, Wifes Mac Air and Brats Alienware. All the other forums were fine so its not BT ( for a change) Its SD still using half the server for his Dogging Contact Group Smile
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