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Full Version: a year in the wild
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watched and enjoyed this its a hour and twenty long , some good stuff and stuff iv seen before.

Interesting vid, liked his reference Dick Proenneke and the time and resources it took Dick to establish his cabin in Alaska.
yes t-o he sure seems to know his stuff , tried to find the rest of the year but no luck yet .
(1 February 2015, 11:25)Sunna Wrote: [ -> ]tried to find the rest of the year but no luck yet .

I was wondering about that as well .....

Probably didn't have any spare batteries Wink
yeah would like to see the rest of the year any ideas ?
I clicked on videos on his yt site couldent see any updated , maybe he just went off the idea , a year away from your wife and kids no work / cash is a big ask for a yt vid shame.
his other vids seem very good .
OK, the following YT video explains:

He didn't spend a year in wild, it was effectively just an audition tape that was sent into one of the US TV networks for a show that they were considering.

The Woodsman himself has a full time job and family etc so unless he was paid to do it as part of the TV show it wasn't going to happen....
Over here even people living in the "wilderness" depend on outside work to support their homesteads. It does not matter what your beliefs, skill level, or where you are, you are going to have to pay some taxes and buy some supplies. One simply is not allowed to "squat" on public land or trespass on private land.

Most will have jobs in town and commute to town or they will work outside jobs for several months, then return to the homestead for the remainder of the season.

True "wilderness" in the US and Canada is often "wilderness" because it will not support farming or industry of any type, so all supplies must be brought in from outside and some form of income is necessary for their purchase.

What about all those people in the bush country of Alaska??? Well they often try to scrape by on their "oil checks" which each Alaskan resident gets as individual payment from the oil industry.

Yes, My Lord!!! That greedy, money grubbing OIL INDUSTRY pays every Alaskan a check each year!!!

Trick is you have to survive your first few years in Alaska before you qualify as a resident.
Is there any wonder so many of us are cynical when nothing we ever see is "Real", it's all manufactured Bollocks.
One of the things few people are informed of is that Alaskan Game Wardens are authorized to evict squatters from Federal land, immediately on discovery, and burn the cabin/shack/house. They do so on a regular basis.

If you are going to live in the Alaskan wilderness you must own/rent your land.

Even Dick Proenneke owned his plot of land and donated it to the State of Alaska Park Service.

Even mining claims must be registered and fees paid.