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Full Version: worked for the sas
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afgan who worked for the sas and others was not allowed to live in the uk , he was then shot dead by the Taliban .

should we look after people like him or is he someone who dose a job for a wage.

how do you feel about it.......
Its a part of the English Values we hear so much about these days most political parties, "what it means to be English " TBH you only need to look at how we treat our own when they return from tours of duty....if your lucky to come back in one piece physically may well have some mental issues (who would not ) if you come back with physical injuries or loss of limbs and mental issues ...your expected to get on with it, they may well parade you on TV to show how fantastic you are doing to beat you disability...the thing is....its for life.....then you have to live it in the be resurrected now and then on parade at some future acknowledgement of the price you paid...all the while seeing if they can cut your entitlements for befits (which you surely deserve) WAR what is it good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.....Edwin STARR.
Absolutely spot on, yet well meaning young men and Women still join up believing they are serving their country, without realising they are really serving the State and the priveleged classes who control all our lives. Feudalism never died it just morphed into a parliamentary one.
you notice however that none of the politicians sons and daughters ever serve in the armed forces? the same forces those politicians so readily send into conflicts overseas. hmmm strange that....Tongue
This is the part that annoys me about our useless government.

If anyone deserves to be allowed into the UK it is those that contribute. We seem to give access to those that contribute nothing and actually work against us yet deny access to those that contribute and risk their lives.

It is wrong.
After my rant I thought hold on a min what site is this? What has this got to do with prepping?

Nothing so thread closed.