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Full Version: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
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Reports just coming out someone opened fire in a Paris bar.

Update French media reporting MULTIPLE attacks at resteraunts, A heavy metal concert, and possibly at a sports stadium, French President evacuated, three explosions reported and gun fire confirmed at least 3 locations in the 10th and 11th districts of Paris.

Further Update report 26 now dead at least in Paris.
Update 30 plus dead now, 2 or 3 suicide bombers, 15 dead at rock concert, hostages being held.

22.15 40 dead now 60 plus held hostage by two gunmen.
So it begins
best wishes to our French brothers
What do we KNOW

120 dead, hundreds wounded
8 attackers all dead
7 were suicide bombers who blew themselves up
1 was shot dead by police
6 locations were attacked
football stadium
rock concert
diners and bars
Attackers were shouting about Syria
France closed its borders last night, may be reopen this morning

President Hollande was at stadium and was whisked away to safety,
Even after Charley Hebdo massacre the authorities STILL cannot protect the public.
All Western leaders expressed outrage sadness and solidarity with France last night, nothing was heard from Muslim countries before I went to bed at 1AM


First and foremost stop thinking it can not and will not happen to you, it can and it may well happen. We must stop viewing these attacks with a detached viewpoint.

Look its a simple fact cities are more dangerous than other places anyway because cities attract every society's nutters and losers and parasites BUT Cities ARE getting more dangerous as huge numbers of migrants, foreign criminals, extremists, hate mongers and illegal immigrants move to cities from North Africa, Middle east and Asia minor. EG Malmo has gone from a quiet distant backwater to the rape capital of Europe in under 4 years thanks to their open border welcome to everyone. Extremists flock to cities and places like transport hubs to carry out their attacks. The Israelis, Lebanese and UN reckon a MINIMUM of 2% of the 1 million migrants pouring into Europe are Islamic terrorists.

We can respond by (A) not living in cities (B) Not visiting cities © If we live in cities stay away from large public venues, transit hubs and NEVER use public transport, A very sad fact is the MORE diverse your city is the more dangerous it is. EG the number of Jewish people leaving France has increased in the last few years because of the amount of attacks on jews has increased with the rise in the number of Muslims moving into the country. (D) Campaigning for the right (if you believe in it) for law abiding citizens to be armed legally for self defence (E) Avoid unnecessary risk such as doing as much online shopping as you can to avoid having to visit high risk malls ,don't go to 'first night events' like the launch of a new movie of computer game, go after the public clamour has passed, don't send your kids to universities in large cities but if you must train them to react if a situation develops ***

*** Turns out in Paris last night the gun men at the theatre ordered everyone to lay on the floor, they complied, then the gunmen opened fire slaying them where they lay.

They COULD do a lot, they WILL do very little, except to ensure the iron curtain of security and themselves is improved, they will not address the unavoidable issues involving having large Muslim communities in Europe, they are more likely to clamp down hard on the public at large if they dare respond to the muslim community with violence, than deal with the Muslim community itself, they will not let us protect ourselves whilst their own security is assured.

Very welcome any comments on how we can best advise Urban preppers to respond to this latest outrage

128 dead 99 critical now.
Odd isn't it, mid morning UK time on a Saturday and almost no prepper response to the events in France in the UK, yet on the US forums discussion and debate has been going on all night non stop.

90 views and 2 responses, this forum is beyond saving, I give up trying.
(14 November 2015, 11:06)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]Odd isn't it, mid morning UK time on a Saturday and almost no prepper response to the events in France in the UK, yet on the US forums discussion and debate has been going on all night non stop.

For me personally, it isn't really a great surprise, after all we (the western world) are in effect at war with ISIS. OK a lot of people (sheeple) may not think of us as being at war, but you can be guaranteed that those in Iraq and Syria who are being attacked by our war planes; missiles; drones and special forces will very much feel like they are at war with us. Just because we are located a few thousand miles away, doesn't mean that we are immune from retaliatory attacks, which is what I believe this was.

What does surprise me is the lack of attacks in/against the UK, the closest we've had is the Tunisian attacks, but I would expect to see a lot more of these types of attacks anywhere in Europe in the future, but particularly in/against France/UK/Holland who are the main European countries striking ISIS.

What can we do to protect ourselves? ...... carry on as we are and keep out of the major towns/cities/transportation hubs etc which are always going to be easy (high profile) targets.

With regards to lack of (UK) prepper chatter, what is there to say, it's been an horrific event and I'm sure all our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, but ultimately for me nothing changes, nothing at all.... is that bad?? Should I be doing things differently or changing my plans? I don't think so, but what do others think?
One reesponse UK is that we should be careful who we blame as its not clear.

A bright wag's response was that it must be the military arm of the Amish
I too am shocked at the uk just shrugging its shoulders over the 30 odd deaths at the beach I thought their would of been some sort of backlash.

but as on one of nr threads re brits trapped in debt on their home ,car ect and shit scaired they might lose their job so whatever it is just bury you head in the sand its someone elses problem.
Gatwick airport evacuated , man with gun in luggage

Jews being stabbed in Milan now as well as Paris

RS Isis have claimed responsibility, but any rational person know this could only be Islamic sponsored terrorism, for me it only confirms a strongly held personal belief that there are no moderate muslims.
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