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Full Version: what a clever chap
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lots of older houses in the south west countryside are built using cob.
yeah, I grew up in a cob house with no central heating. Walls were all over the place and the windowsill was probably close to 1 meter deep. In the winter we'd move everything in the main room around the coal fire. In the other months wed have the ornate woodburner for heat. This was in cornwall.

that video was cool though. I liked the sheets of wood he "made" and his kukri made from a appropriately shaped stone.
My house is basically stone and clay. Slates are laid to form 2 parallel walls, clay is used as mortar, rubble and clay packed into the middle. The walls are at least 36" thick.

It seems crude, but it's been standing for 200+ years and shown no sign of falling down yet. I have made a concession to the modern age by having 90mm of external insulation fitted.