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Full Version: Interesting food article from CA in the DM
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eating tinned fruit and veg is obviously better than eating NO fruit and veg at all, but only just, because of the "additives".
Tinned Peaches BP---I love em mate.
Another stating the bleeding obvious. I need some funding to work out why my drink stays in a cup and doesn't float away. About £100K should do it. For this year anyway.
well, the article is aimed at the sheeple and non prepping types, those people that haven't got a clue in the first place, fresh food is always best but these people cannot cook properly and their idea of "cooking" is to nuke it in a microwave for 3 minutes, so it has to be explained to them in words of one syllable.
what's a microwave?
what I warm my pasty up in(and that's all I use it for).