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Full Version: Butter Question
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A damn useful cooking ingredient made from freshly squeezed cows, However how can we store it LONG term without refrigeration, I think I saw on a TV show staring Ben Fogle about people living WAAAAY off grid, on one episode he was on a sailing boat in the south Pacific with a totally self reliant couple who had no fridge on her boat. So IIRC she preserves butter by melting it and pouring it into glass mason jars leaving a bit of a gap at the top, when it cools she pours salt water (brine) on top of the butter then puts the lid on, this apparently preserves the butter for months.

Can anyone please confirm this as I cannot find any other reference source?
I am sure Ken posted about this few years back....(bog butter) in Ireland they used to bury the jar in bogs.....YEARS go by and people still find the jars........and eat it.....yes ....still edible after many YEARS.
The gap left at the top is about 10mm ....this is filled with salt....there was something placed on top stop the salt corroding the lid ....cannot remember ...but i have it in my records ..i will have a look.
there is a thread ....Butter/ghee by RS or TH ....NR try that one.
ta muchly ss
Ok I've no knowledge of this way of preserving butter long term so don't know if this would work, It occurs to me that if you put a layer of melted bees wax on top of the salt as a seal it would help to prevent the jar lid from rusting, just a thought.
wife's mother used to keep it in the well.
when backpacking on Dartmoor I've stored in a waterproof container in the river with a rock on the top.
That sounds good to me ....T O good thought mate !
The Foxfire books describe using a glazed, earthenware crock, similar to those used for pickling, sealing the lid with beeswax and burying under a big rock. Sauerkraut was put up the same way.
Not cheap but its a great product that lasts well beyond its UBD I've had excellent service from them.