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Full Version: Possible useful app doofah
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Dunno if this is of any use to Ham and CB users but its a thingy to help you find out how far you can reach with your radios in your own area.
Excellent find NR.

I've not seen this before.

It is exactly what is needed to get an idea if how walkie-talkie type radios will perform from your own location.

UK /EU CB will have a very similar footprint.

I'll have a play with it to see how closely it mimics reality ( at my location I have tested the real footprint so will be able to assess it quite accurately)

Thanks again.
Glad to have been of service, I dont understand any of it but the radio users where I found it thought it was good so if its good enough for them its good enough for you chaps.
NR. Download it and enter your base's coordinates and it will then show you your radio footprint.

Remembering the very poor transmission range that you and the boy wonder achieved with PMR? It will be interesting to see if that poor range is predictable with the software.

As said before, the coverage map might be useful in justifying or killing your planned investment in a multi-mode CB.
There is an online version too. It's quite an eye-opener, and emphasises the need for low-power settings - my uv-5r on 5watt 146mhz will travel 30 miles from home, allegedly. Just as surprising, my 27mhz set on 100watt through a simple Omni aerial will reach England and Ireland.

I should add that none of this equipment is in use, this is all theoretical and helped by being 150m above sea level.