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Full Version: rocket stove [made from a log]
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simple to do and cheap

you could make a few and leave them in the places you camp.
I saw something similar at the Wood Fair.
What a lot of faffing aroung honestly, get electric drill, drill log, hammer nails, all to put a kettle on top, just bulid a fire for FS, and then he puts it on the fire at the end!!
Your right TH it is a lot of faf when a straight forward fire will do, I've done a couple of these and boring the centre hole along the grain into the log can be a bit of a pain, definitly need a decent electric drill and a good sharp bit. Lighting them too can be a bit slow going, plenty of birch bark or fat wood sticks are a good idea.

The real advantage with them is they work very well in wet and windy conditions, ideal for under a temporary shelter, they burn for a considerable amount of time, you don't need any other fuel and do make a very good stove.

Wouldn't look too conspicuous left amoungst other logs and sticks at a bol.

Handy to have in the back of the shed at home as an emergency stove to cook on if all else fails