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Full Version: Violent crime on the 27%
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AND Sexual assaults are increasing as well

life is not getting any easier for either Urban or Rural preppers and their families.
Some of the numbers are interesting.
"The ONS said rape reports rose almost 39 per cent to 33,431, equivalent to 91 a day. Knifepoint rapes were up by 26 per cent to 341.
Some 20,865 of rape victims were women, the rest being men and children."

That means 12566, one third, of rapes were on men and kids. I'd guess men were low on that which leaves a lot of kids being raped.

"Crimes involving guns rose by 4 per cent to 4,994 while those in which a knife or other sharp weapon was used increased by 9 per cent to 27,487."

We could simply ban guns.. Ohhh wait... Or we could go the way that sensible non totalitarians in the US are doing is letting us legally hold firearms. I'm not holding my break with statists in charge.
You dont see herds of middle eastern migrants gang raping and molesting American girls at Railway stations do you?
We were told that crime was going down last week ,
Perhaps this has something to do with it
most crime is in the big cities and large urban centres, it seems where people don't have adequate "breathing space" or you get "families in crisis"(they don't call them problem families any more!) that where the violence starts.
Wow NR. A story about labour ,in a wright wing paper ,must be true mate
Labour 100% created the problem Barney, and the Tories just made in 100x worse.
Ok fair point NR
Got to be honest with you Barney I think Cameron is as dangerous and useless as Corbyn, a private education only makes for a suave fool.
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