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Full Version: Portable Gas Cooker
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I'm sure most of us have seen these and likely own one or more ourselves.

I know there are warnings about using these indoors because of the Carbon Monoxide produced (which this lady doesn't even mention). I've actually used mine a few times indoors during power cuts with the kitchen window fully open and not closed again until an hour after use.

What are your opinions on the use of these indoors if well ventilated? Google results are incredibly mixed ranging from no problem at all to will cause certain death.
Yes, good little stoves.

The preparedness Guru-ess actually stated "there's no need to worry about the fumes indoors" That's just plain wrong. The way you describe ventilating a room is the way to go, and with that approach it'll be fine.

Guru-ess also implied that this stove is one of the few ways of being able to store enough fuel. Pedantically she is right but misleading as its a whole lot easier to store bulk propane / butane in the much larger 10-13kg bottles. This is how we live here continuously as there is no mains gas supply to our house. The cylinders feed a normal Ikea bought gas hob which came with an additional set of jets for this very purpose. Looking at my log, the current 10kg bottle was hooked up on 7 September last year, so that's 8 months over the winter and its still going strong.
I use the same type as the lady in the video when out camping but I have a larger Calor 2 burner plus grill unit for domestic back up, my main problem with propane / butane is it really creates lots of water vapour which leaves rooms really yucky, ventilation is essential but we ten to use ours in the conservatory with the doors and windows open, it keeps the condensation out of the house.
LS, NR, thanks for your replies. Yes the large gas cannisters are great and designed to be used indoors and yes they do last ages I know as we have a 25kg one hooked up to a hob unit abroad where there is no mains gas supply. Only thing is there doesn't seem to be any indicater on it to show how much gas is left? What we did opt for though is a gas hob that has three gas burners and one electric, therefore you can still cook on the electric burner if you run out of gas until you top it up.
QUICK SAFETY POINTER, Dont forget that disposable BBQs are absolutely deadly if used in confined spaces like tents or indoors at home, Disposable BBQs MUST only be used outdoors.
Yep i have a few of these ....i had a good deal on the canisters on fleabay , she mentions how she covers the pot to keep the heat and prolong the cooking, a good tip....if you dedicate a stock pot for an emergency try this........make a timber/ply box (square ) but make it wider all around by 4 " and 4" deeper than the top of the pot (not including the lid....oil up the pot on the outside hang this down into the form (ply form ) in the centre and 4" off the floor....cut a cardboard rim around the top 1" will do ...cut a cardboard top to cover the top around the ply.... buy some expanding foam fill the this in stages the same with the lid...release the pot and lid.....cover the mould with gaffer tape..on the can now use your dedicated pot over and over .....bring to the boil....remove from stove place into your mould and place your lid mould over the top and your food will carry on cooking.....please note......easier way is wet some paper and place the over the pot and lid....when releasing its piss easy....i added this to my notes....After i bollocks up the two attempts to release with oil.
OOPS just read another note to myself pot bottom up on some the ply form over the pot and centre it drill two 12mm holes ...these are to fill the foam through 2/4 house bricks on top to hold down ....same with more notes......that's all folks.
Pressure cookers are great to use at home or camp, I have several in different sizes. Hawkins make a good range going from dinky little 1.5 litre ones up to 18 cook food fast and its saves a load in fuel.
+1 on the Hawkins pressure cookers. I keep the small 1.5L size in my camping gear box. On the smaller LP gas canisters not having a gage, you can determine their fill state by weighing them. When empty write the tare weight on the canister, then the full weight upon refill.
Snap CH, got one in my camp kitchen Wannigan box.
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