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Full Version: Interesting antenna 2 m / 70 cm
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Found this very hand roll up antenna ideal for boosting range of your Baofeng, I believe they are available on E Bay

Yup found it for you chaps its this number
Interesting find NR.

Personally I'd go with something like this though:

Using such an antenna, my Baofeng routinely gets its 4w signal out to repeaters 50 to 80 miles away.
Its WAAAY beyond my pay grade LS my friend, I take your word as gospel when it comes to Comms
(18 May 2016, 19:52)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]Its WAAAY beyond my pay grade LS my friend, I take your word as gospel when it comes to Comms

Its £11.39 NR?

LS what Baofeng do you recommend?

its the technical stuff not the price thays above my pay grade nem.
The little wire dipoles work well, make your own with speaker cable and a bit of connector...cost a couple of quid. Cut the cable a little over length and run the antenna through a SWR meter and reduce the length a little at a time until you get a good SWR match. work a lot better than the original Baofeng

Yup Harrys right I have NA 771s on all my UV5RCs
Have you a ham license NR? The Foundation chitty is easy peasy, more a quiz than a test with not a lot of tech content, more rules and regulations. Check for a local ham club and go for it.

The main limitations are in power output, only 10w allowed but on high frequency (short wave) with a good antenna, and good conditions you can work all over the world (better still if you learn and practice Morse Code)... these low power transmissions are known as QRP operating. I use one of these for mobile/camping I use a wonder wand antenna antenna and several home made Dipoles, Windom being my favorite just now Smile
Smile Smile Hi Harry, we have had this very debate before you joined our community, there are two sides ( irreconcilable) Pro Ham licence who see the Major benefits of long range comms ( if needed) and the Anti Ham licence faction who dont like the risk to PERSEC by having your details listed for all to see on the Ham register. So we have two possibly three ways of approaching radio comms
1 pro Ham Licence with full kit
2 anti ham licence with PMR 446 analogue and digi channels / CB (euro/US/UK) 27 fm/ am/ sb
3 a few with both and a few using obscure freqs like the Aussie 900 Mhz CBs.

Dunno why i listened to any of em I bought loads of gear and never used it since Smile
The PMR/2m rigs are incredibly limited, I'll stick with my ham license.
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