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It does not have to be the end of the world to make food on a camping stove or open fire, so what are your favorite 'camping' recipes?
It's a bit or a cleche,but roasted rabbit or squirrel that I have just shot ,stuffed with wild garlic leaves.
Sounds good, rabbit can be a bit bland and needs some flavoring IMHO
Having adequate salt and spices goes a long way into making foraged and unconventional foods palatable.

As a minimum you mates want a large tin of curry powder. That would be the dog's bollocks on rabbit!

Also does wonders for oatmeal if you don't have sugar. Apologies to my Scots ancestors...

I like a hot Madras curry from the Asian grocery.

My stash also includes "Old Bay" (a Maryland, Chesapeake Bay seafood spice blend, which I prefer over the New Orleans creole style), a generic "Italian" seasoning, and a bottle of Texas Pete.
I got a taste for Cypriot rabbit Stifado when stationed out there. Basically its rabbit stew using onions, canned tomato's, garlic, vinegar and tomato paste with herb of choice, Cypriots use a lot of Coriander (thats cilantro for our American cousins) . Easy camping food cook slow over embers or a Dutch oven and served with plain boiled rice.

CH, brits love curry so your preaching to the converted lol, AKA 'Ruby Murry' or just a 'Ruby'

Come back from a long day on the hills, six or eight pints and a midnight a good 'un Smile