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Full Version: compost and grow project
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I have started a compost making project for the winter, cleared out an outhouse that could be used as a greenhouse for a continuous supply, mainly potatoes and onions from the ceiling so nothing too exciting
A good idea, another project I've not yet done is a 'wormery'
(13 June 2016, 09:39)harrypalmer Wrote: [ -> ]A good idea, another project I've not yet done is a 'wormery'

I just do not fancy a wormery, i am sticking to compost i think
I presume your familiar with 'Square Foot Gardening'? I've played with it...maybe in the future I'll really go it.
yes i have tried it and vertical bottle gardening plus trugs and troughs, i have done raised beds in the past, but the one i have fond best is grow bags because no weeds, i am going to grow some potatoes in old water buts next i think, then shift the spuds into the outhouse in winter months to keep it continuous i think my advice would always be the bags because they are portable easy shifted around do that and get the compost started off.
There is a guy on another forum who over winters carrots, he stores them in boxes of dry sand... not tried it myself and I'm growing spuds in bin liners. I've not long begun dehydrating food including veg then vacuum packing, seems to be working well.

This should be a good thread if people chip ideas in Smile
you can store them in wooden boxes too those you can get free at the greengocers work best and layer them as you say in sand or straw works too, also have you tried growing potatoes in the hessian sacks with straw instead of compost that works too.
i saw a thread somewhere else that gave the idea of an old spring mattress with one seed potato in every coil with straw instead of compost he got the entire bed coils full as a crop.
you can stack the wooden boxes like crates to give an all over the winter store
Straw bale gardening looks interesting, it will get you up and running quickly and build up soil fertility year-on-year.
yes the straw one is good no lifting or digging so easy.

i was thinking of a grass leaf and green clipping compost with cardboard stuffs, i am quite worried about the rat prospct i have to say.