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What do you do about Bigfoot attacks while in the green wood?

Do the British have a corresponding creature for the beloved Sasquatch other than ogres, elves and trolls?
The drawing of this creature resembles the North American Sasquasch.

Fear Liath (full name Am Fear Liath Mòr) is the name given to a ten-foot-tall humanoid creature that haunts the summit of Ben MacDhui, the second-highest mountain in Scotland. It is also called The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui. The creature causes an uncontrollable feeling of dread or panic among hikers who never see it, but feel its presence. The first recorded sighting was by scientist John Norman Collie in 1890, although he was so frightened he didn’t tell anyone of the encounter until 1925. When he did, he found that others had seen the same creature on the same mountain, or at least felt his presence.

I believe the best defence against such a creature is to carry a silver flask of 21 year-old single-malt and two shot glasses, and upon feeling the presence of the creature, you should pour him a dram, placing it out on a rock or stump at least fifty feet away, while you sit with your back to a tree or large rock while you light your pipe and smoke a bowl before pouring yourself one...
Fortunately we are allowed to carry non-locking knives with blades of less than 3 inches, so 10 foot ravenous beasts hold no fear for us.
A three inch blade against a ten foot beast may suffice if you have hold of its testiclss first...
You can carry an axe and a parang / kukri and on a Deer hunt you would have a rifle
Flirt madly and hope the thing is short-sighted?
Could end up like this Mary

Pull out a camera. That seems to make him bugger off quickly enough.
(10 September 2016, 04:42)CharlesHarris Wrote: [ -> ]A three inch blade against a ten foot beast may suffice if you have hold of its testiclss first...

The problem comes when you have to get close enough to grab his nuts
(10 September 2016, 12:47)harrypalmer Wrote: [ -> ]Could end up like this Mary


I'll think about that, Harry. I obviously have options.
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