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Full Version: Long Term Storage
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I just bought the first long term shelf life foods I have messed with in 15 years.

After my first cycle of 25 year shelf life stuff went out of date, right at Y2K, I decided not to waste time and money on something I would never outlive. I started storing normal canned goods and rotating the supply constantly.

However, I got a good deal on some of the Mountain House stores a while back and bought some of the big #10 cans in contents that I know I can enjoy.

Freeze dried ground beef and scrambled eggs w/bacon crumbles. 22 servings per container. I can probably stretch it to more servings by using the ground beef sparingly, a spoonful at a time added to pastas, noodles, rice or instant spuds to add flavor.

They were on sale buy one get one 1/2 off, which puts the price per meal down to about what regular canned goods/canned meat cost and the powdered eggs were cheaper than most and I know the MH product tastes better than most.

Now the shelf life of these containers is 25 years and if I have not consumed them by the end of shelf life I will take note and open them on my ninety first birthday and have a good meal!

I anticipate that my grand children will scarf then down, after I am dead and gone, long before then.

I am now buying food I can not outlive!
Mountain House and Oregon Freeze Dried Foods have been producing rations for the US military for 50 years, has been at it longer than anyone else and us the only producer which does real time storage life quality testing of their products and shares their testing methodology and results.

Their food has gone to the moon and back, as well as being stocked on board naval surface ships and submarines. I have briefly tried other brands, which proved inferior and failed and have gone back to the trusted and familiar. Worth every penny.
Mountain house produce very good dried food but its VERY expensive in the UK. The standard individual meals give small servings and the food value is pretty low but...for dried food they taste good.

If you get the chance to try a Norwegian ration pack go for it, very expensive but just about the best dry based rat pack going. The food is made by drytech and sell retail meals
There's a book out, "Prudent Food Storage" which has a free pdf download here:
Years ago I used to keep the Seven Oceans lifeboat rations, as they tasted much better than the Mainstay bars common in the US. I have been unsuccessful in finding a US distributor since the Navy Exchange stopped carrying them.
You can still buy them on E-bay.
Seven Oceans lifeboat rations are available in the UK, this seller ships to the USA for free

I presume most here make jerky (I do) but anyone here make pemmican? Its one of those things I want to make but just have not got round to it apart from a one off to see how it turned out (OK but not great).
MB, HP thx. for the tip and the link link!

I haven't done EvilBay, but perhaps I should...