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Full Version: Political Events Over Next Few Days
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Some quite important political events are taking place over the next few days, and might be worth monitoring:

All I see in either of the articles is an anti-nationalistic media blitz.

And since when did people in Luxembourg get the authority to define British law or treaty? Especially when that law pertains to desolving the connection between the Luxembourg court and the UK.

Guess how that vote will go?
boo, no Hofer. Thats me down a few bob. Waiting on the Italy one now.
Another good discussion on the Italy referendum:
The recent US election was an apt demonstration of how mentally ill the left has become over the past 20 years or so...

Narcissism, obsessive-compulsive personalities, dependent personalities, etc, which, when they are thwarted, leads to a thing called narcissistic rage, which is so hot and unreasoning, it easily drives violent revenge...

AND it ain't over yet. But if Trump plays his cards right, he can short circuit a lot of this childish and dangerous stuff. His success may well hinge on sorting out how many of the career bureaucrats have been turned into obstructionist moles during the last 8 years, and how successful he is at weeding them out. And to do so effectively he has also to keep the MSM de-legitimized and keep hammering on them the entire time.

Of course the agitators and Communists will hide behind the First Amendment, and we will let them, but hopefully watch for them to step outside the lines just enough to pounce.
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