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Full Version: useful web resource - Open Intelligence
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Hi folk

I wasn't sure where to post this but here seems ok.

I hope this link may be useful to folk -it's certainly useful to me and my planning for likely unfolding scenarios.


Please explain how you use it for planning? I don't see this being of any use at all.
Hi Skean

I was talking from an intuitive and general point of view. Meaning that, the more information we have about the general physical environment, then the more we can look at trends to see which disasters of an environmental kind are most likely to unfold. If we can begin to see which environmental disasters are most likely, by type, then any prepping activities could be tailored in some respects towards those scenarios.

I get the impression it is specific examples of how specific pieces of information could help with prepping activities that you are after. I'm pretty busy right now but give me a few days and I am confident I can come back with specific examples.

Cheers, and well done for keeping up the valuable resource of this site
Hmm, I'll be taking note of that link as well for future use. Thanks, Strive!