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Full Version: Fun bushcraft TV program for your children / grandchildren etc
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"Bear Grylls Survival School" is a TV program where Bear Grylls takes a group of city kids into the wilds and teaches them skills and gives them outdoor pursuit challenges. It's lighthearted fun and I'd say a good thing for kids to watch to get/keep them interested/enthused in the outdoors. Mostly it's about children overcoming their fears and flaws and developing their character rather than bushcraft skills.
Sorry, forgot to say, it's on ITV (where's the Edit button?).
There is no edit button.

I believe this is the only forum on the internet where one can not edit their own posts.
Yep it pays to review your post first (preview) like i never do ....that's why SUK is loved so much ....for the sophisticated person often shot in their own foot (i walk with a permanent limp)