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Full Version: Finland Jama Bushcraft Blanket Shirt
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Stumbled across this web site looking for something else. Pricing is about half of what a similarly produced wool anorak would cost in the US and shipping is also quite reasonable. Catalog description from:

"A proper bushcrafty Blanket Shirt, a primite "low-tech" design where the superior natural qualities of wool combined with simple yet clever details make for a very functional outdoors jacket. These are sewn by us using good quality military surplus wool blankets! Updated pattern! Fits better on the shoulders.

Large chest pocket, positioned a bit higher up on the chest as not to interfere with backpack hip belts or equipment belts worn over the shirt. Great for storage or warming your cold fingers. Inside the pocket is a smaller pocket, sewn onto the body side of the shirt. This little flat pocket is intended to safely store any important valuables such as mobile phones. A hood, offers protection from wind and rain and keeps your head warm.

Access slits on the sides to make rummaging through your trouser pockets or accessing equipment on your trouser belt easier. The hem is way longer on the back, this will keep the crack of your arse covered in any squatting position and it also offers simple protection from wet or cold surfaces when sitting.

Raglan sleeves, these are a really neat thing! No seams anywhere on top of the shoulders means no chafing when carrying backpacks, as a bonus the raglans actually make the jacket look a bit better fitted (as if that would matter with clothing like this...)".

I ordered the Jama shirt in "Finnish wool, this is the stuff used in Finnish army M/65 series of field clothing. It's strong qualities are a large wool content and the fact that it really is meant for clothes, so it's more durable compared to cut-up blankets. Army surplus!"

Will report when it arrives.
Nice, have you come accross ? I have a couple and some Pendleton wool shirts too

Thanks I'll check them out!
I have three swandri shirts , a regular button up the front jobbie in a rather natty rainbow effect , a blue checked half zip(favourite) and a a cedar green half zip with a windproof lining. fabulous shirts but a bit pricey , other half stuck the blue one in the washing machine on a hot wash and shrunk it aswell as taking the oils out of it grrrr!
Jama bushcraft blanket shirt received in USA 2 weeks after online order.

Prompt delivery!!

Quality of materials and workmanship first class.

VERY glad I ordered this, will get alot of use starting in a few months...
I've been tempted by those heavy woollen shirts but I prefer fleeces as mid-layers due to their zips. Maybe I should rethink. How do you guys in the UK wear them given we're so wet?
Zips are convenient until they fail... And I have quit buying them as it is hard to find a quality garment with a sturdy zipper.
Plastic zippers and most Chinese metal ones are junk.
Fleece when wet will keep you warmer than wet wool.

Buy good quality, I like Berghaus as they use good quality zips and I've yet to have one fail to date.
Unlike many natural, untreated fabrics, polyester is not flammable and does not ignite easily. Once ignited, however, the synthetic fabric melts and is capable of severely burning skin. Polyester blends are even more potentially dangerous as the combination of melting fabric with natural fabric that burns at a high rate is likely to cause serious burns. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk and linen, ignite more easily and burn more quickly than synthetic fabrics. Wool is the notable exception. It is much more challenging to light and burns with a relatively low flame velocity. Of the commonly used textile fibres (cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic and nylon), wool is widely recognised as the most flame resistant.
Then stop poking the fire, don't get close to naked flames and use synthetic kit. I like my wool kit, I like down sleeping bags and jackets but have pretty much gone the synthetic route the last few years.
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