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Full Version: Thank you
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I would like to thank ALL the vets and the fallen for their sacrifice , we shall remember them.
Vets lunch today.

I got to spend the afternoon with a few of the remaining WW2 vets in our area.

It was funny sharing the universal experiences of military service that span the generations.

"Hurry up and wait", then looking at your mess tray and asking "what is this stuff anyway?"

They did not talk about the hot, the cold, the pain, homesickness and boredom or the fear. That part was taken as an unspoken and also shared fact.
I would have been around eight years old at the time ....(the old mans park) it was know as the next village down the valley...George was i nice quiet man and there he sat on his own most days (as it turned out) in the brick built octagon building with a poured concrete flat roof ....remembrance parades ended up here every year , a stone pillar with lists of local men that fell in two world wars etched into the face of all four sides .....George would never talk about his time during his service ...."how many Germans did you kill George ?"we would ask but never once did he reply ....after all these years after the passing of George i now realise that, the white handkerchief he used to wipe his eyes with ....reflects the past horrors that replay themselves and relived by this dear old man who made it home....but never made it back.