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Full Version: Ending of the Third Estate - The New Feudalism
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In feudal society, power was exercised by what the French referred to as the First Estate, the clergy, and the Second Estate, the warrior-aristocratic elite. Everyone else, even successful merchants, resided in the Third Estate, most being peasants living at subsistence levels. Society was composed of “those who prayed, those who fought, and those who labored.”

In the past, oligarchy tended to be associated with corporate executives. Today the most influential group consists of mega-technology firms. Six firms—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix—have achieved a combined net worth equal to one-quarter of the nasdaq, more than the next 282 firms combined and equal to the GDP of France. Rather than epitomizing ingenuity and competition, the tech oligarchy increasingly resembles the feudal lords of the Middle Ages. These firms reflect the worst of capitalism—squashing competitors, using indentured servants from abroad for upwards of 40 percent of their Valley workforce, fixing wages, and avoiding taxes while creating evermore social anomie and alienation.

Today’s oligarchs promote a largely childless college campus environment, where they even pay female workers to freeze their eggs. Traditionally companies liked employees with families. Not so much in the brave new tech world, which demands long hours and little time off for such things as raising children. As for the rest of the population, the prospects are even bleaker. In the tech hub of San Francisco, the middle-class family is almost extinct. The city has lost thirty-one thousand home-owning families over the past decade. It leads the state in economic inequality. The evidence of massive inequality, pervasive homelessness, and social dysfunction fills the streets.

Silicon Valley, located in the suburbs south of the city, has also become profoundly less egalitarian. It is increasingly divided between an entrenched ultra-wealthy class and a dependent poor class, work-ing largely in the service industries. By 2015, some seventy-six thou-sand millionaires and billionaires called Santa Clara and San Mateo coun¬ties home, while many in the area struggle to feed their families and pay their bills each month. Nearly 30 percent of Silicon Valley’s residents rely on public or private assistance.

The destruction of the middle class has made many dependent on the welfare safety net. We are going beyond the demise of the Third Esatet tribal barbarianism.

Take a look around a barbershop, pub, restaurant, or anywhere ordinary working folks gather. Tattoos, piercings, etc. those are symbols of rejecting convention. (You can safely discount the gang and prison tats. I’m talking about professional work that people pay for) And it’s not just the military service tattoo. Otherwise lovely young people are inked on face, neck, full sleeves. And their piercings are excessive. Absolutely pagan.

Those are the obvious visible indicators. Talk to a few of them. Especially the construction guys. The conversation winds around to tribe every time. It’s not at all complimentary toward the white middle class folks that employ people.

Sparta may be an analogy here. Not that the left are disciplined or trained in the same way as the Spartans. They’re not. However, they do view themselves as masters of the universe and superheroes. So they need to keep the Helots disarmed, demoralized, and enslaved to support their lifestyle of endless foreign conquest.

It’s not a perfect analogy, few are. But it does explain the growing obsession with gun control and their rhetoric about keeping weapons of war off the streets. That metaphor speaks volumes to the mindset of the masters of the universe as they seek to prevent a Helot revolt. Sometimes they give you a peek behind the curtain without knowing.

Last observation point. The young white men are getting wise to tribalism too.
Not alt-right stuff, yet. But clearly an undertone of stock with your own for business and pleasure.

None of this bodes well for the future.

The liberals currently run everything of consequence. I suspect most are oblivious to the tinderbox they have built. The heritage Britiains and Americans being driven to poverty by onerous taxes and regulation are unlikely to vigorously defend the elites against the barbarians being imported in the millions under refugee programs (Africa and mid-East). Look at Sweden for a current example.

Trump's Deplorables are likely to vigorously defend against barbarians in unexpected ways. End of empire is always rough. Read Glenn’s “Fate of Empires” for a summary. Available as a pdf on you favorite search engine.

Here we’re staying squarely in our own lane, along with kith and kin.
Fate of Empires: by Sir John Glubb. Damned autocorrect gets me more often than not.
Another good post Charles ! …..I will have to have a think and ponder a worthy reply to this one mate .
So how ? do (they) get away with it … do we allow ourselves to be led into these situations with relative ease …...should be easy enough to explain ? Labels are everything they can form Tribes …….Catholics, Muslims, Christians, Buddhism, in fact any you care to mention can sign up to any and label yourself to the tribe the common factor is they all give the illusion of doing good things for all and you will get the benefit of being part of this whole ideology in short you can become a better person just by association .

Political labels and tribes also work in the same way the trick here is the illusion of (choice) and make believe you actually (have one) ….you know....if they cock it up you can vote them out at the next election …..key here is you must have at least two parties Labour.....Conservatives...….Liberals …. as in the UK or Democrats …..Republicans in the USA and like most countries around the globe ……… In short (belief systems) .

So how can all these countries or satellites be controlled or tow a common line ? …….use of a strong military , nuclear weapons, sanctions, and of coarse the fiat money system and central banking system all play a part.

The Normal Working Man/Woman .

Do you think for one moment they care about the workings of the elite ? I doubt it, they are to busy trying to win the lotto millions twice a week to become one more elite , or working two jobs to stand still and pay the bills and forced into payday loan sharks to temporary stave off the bailiffs , not forgetting the visits to the food banks to feed the kids .

The more the masses can be held down the easer they are to control and except the will off others the trick is to stave off the tipping point of reprisal from the masses and to drip feed just enough decent .

That's the thing about reaching old age …… SEE the same Bull Shit being peddled and want to give the young unsuspecting would be tribe setting bullet proof children the benefits of just being part of the illusion they now find themselves participating in …..and all (their new ideas) are really barrowed from times past , and are old news !even their renewed enthusiasm belongs to history past .
Sorry Charles that was the short potted version...…..more as time go's by no doubts

Concise and to the point summary. Anything more to the story in the Mirror about people being panicked by the sonic boom from a hot-shot pilot who decided to go into full-AB on a Sunday morning to rattle the dishes? I'm sure they will blame the Americans and say somehow that it's all Trump's fault.
The word on the street right now Charles is its not Trump ! BUT the trajectory and the incoming energy has been tracked from the eastern part of the USA …..some nutty professor , he's been working on a photon pulse beam energy weapon for years by all accounts ...he is hell bent on taking out this Welsh guy who keeps churning out bull shit on some survival forum ...but the flux capacitor he used was faulty (made in china) and missed the intended target.....we now have a force field for the whole of WALES , just in case he try's it again .

My covert evac shuttlecraft is missing its cover on the primary launch tube and its pre-loaded photon torpedoe is gone!

Neighbor's WiFi must be bleeding over into the tank circuits for the weapons control panels again!

I knew this would happen when he bought that cheap Chinese router!