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Full Version: Radiation Monitoring
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Try and keep this post clear for levels, I can create another post to discuss it. If you have detection equipment post a date/time, radiation level, and apx location.
4 Feb 11:00 0.1 micro Sv location - Central Scotland. Baseline level for this location is 0.1 to 0.2 micro Sv.

0.1 micro Sv. 5/3/22. 13:30

0.1 micro Sv 5/3/22. 20:30

0.14 micro Sv. 6 Mar 22. 12:45

0.15 micro Sv. 6 Mar 22. 21:40

0.14 micro Sv 7 mar 22
0.12 micro Sv
8 mar 22


More importantly this measurement was took after rain fall which would highlight any fall out issues. I’m going to continue monitoring a few times every day but will only update if anything above the baseline is noticed.
This is very much appreciated Joe, thanks.
Joe , have not forgotten ...I have to move a fair bit off stuff to open the door to get at mine .....but I will shortly !
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