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Full Version: Energy supplies
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Looks like we might have issues with energy supplies.

Ps the link might be a bit up and down, someone’s being trying to take out RT for days.
No, Joe, it's not accessible at the moment.
RT news channel has been blocked for the last couple of days.
I think Facebook and youtube have removed it too.
RT is working at the moment but it’s been a bit intermittent. I doubt the Government is trying to block it but I suspect it’s under a DOS attack.

It’s looking like gas supplies will have serious issues this year and as a knock on this could affect electricity supplies.
As you are aware electricity supplies are easy to manage if the grid starts to creak , you just pull the plug to certain areas but gas is a different matter, you can’t switch it off. In order to manage it you need to use a price model to restrict supply so expect larger increases than first thought.
At this point going forward have a basic back up lighting option available, even if it’s two camping lanterns. If possible a back up heating system would be very useful but this is not easy for most people ( we can do a thread on back up heating)
Freeview have blocked RT all you get is "this service is currently unavailable".
we had rationed power cuts in the seventies so its possible.
if someone has gas heating the controls are electrically powered so no leccy no gas.
we are into Spring now so heating isnt such a problem.
I'm personally not concerned about the power going off its no biggy, they will probably turn off the power here in the countryside to keep the big cities supplied. we have alternatives anyway.
(5 March 2022, 14:11)Joe Wrote: [ -> ]
yep, saw that the other day, good for them.
Ideally you want to maintain your present energy supplies but in parallel you should be introducing alternatives. It’s not up to unions to decide what energy the Uk will use.
time to wean the UK off foreign suppliers, whoever they are, and have our own "in house" supplies.
Interesting note, the UK has plenty of oil supplies. The US has an abundance of oil. The reason make countries do not pump their own supply is because it's cheaper to import it. Once fuel prices increase to the point where it is again worthwhile using the UK's "harder to tap" resources, then there will again be plenty and no supply issues...only price problems.
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