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Full Version: Food restrictions
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Interesting to see how the supermarkets are restricting supplies.
Could it escalate?
It’s a obvious step Joe , and will get much more wide spread as we move forward , as preppers we have seen this coming over the past two years in particular chains are broken , farmers are not planting because of fertiliser shortages , fuel costs , Ukraine , shortage of HGV drivers fact anything that could go wrong IS going wrong It all bad luck ? or planned you make your mind up ! .......but as I keep saying we have seen nothing yet ! .....become more self sufficient ! Grow more food it now ! Or ignore my warnings at your peril proactive not reactive
Have you guys not heard?

There is a war on in the land that provides most of your sunflower seed oil, rape seed oil and 25% of the world wheat exports. Russia produces 37% of the wheat exports. That is instant loss of 62% of the world wheat.

Even if they are producing they can not get their products out of the black sea ports due to no insurance being available for shippers going into a war zone and the new restrictions on Russia. There are not a bunch of boats lined up in the Black sea waiting for peace talks to happen.

Then there is that fertilizer thing. Guess where most of Europe's potash and natural gas for fertilizer production comes from? Yep, Russia.

Even here in the states we have farmers that are not planting this year due to not the lack of fertilizer, but due to its price. The fertilizer will cost more than the crop will bring.

Now this fertilizer thing was going on before the Ukraine War was a thing. Farmers over here were already checking out of this years crop back in January.

The last projections I read were for a drop of production, world wide, of 50% this year. World food supply will be cut in half.

That is this year, not two years down the road so we can prepare for it, not due to replacement crops or drought, natural disaster or crop failure.

Only being able to purchase two bottles of oil per trip to the shop is the least of the worries. Soon your shopkeeper will replace "you can only have two bottles" with "We ain't got any!".

Chances are that it is already too late to "grow it yourself". There may be no fertilizer and the days of mucking out the barn to dump it on the garden is long past. Besides, that stuff has to cure for a while or it will burn the crop up.
So what is the answer MB ? nothing we are all doomed ? That does not sound like you pal ? As for it’s to late no it’s not ! As for old fashioned manure there’s plenty of well rotted ( I suspect Mary has plenty with her horses ) it’s about if you know where to look for fresh stuff store it and let it rot down ready for next year , if you have room .....invest in a poly tunnel (do it now) make yourself ready have the room MB ! thing you can depend on when things go really bad .....your own efforts or go hungry ! Even then there is no guarantees ....I for one are not going quietly into the night .....I will be fighting all the way ! In my garden come on pal less of the doom n gloom .....fight you old fart ! .
Fertiliser isnt such a necessity if you grow your own food at home, only for monocropping on the big agri-businesses.
I just use manure and stable scraping, nitrogen I can get naturally, and I've always had good results.
as for cooking oil how much does anyone use? a small bottle lasts us for months, a big bottle of sunflower oil would probably last a year.
Lard or dripping is a good alternative fact that was all most households had when I was a lad ....beef dripping on a crust of bread that was living ! .....take a look back in time ....there are many alternatives and plenty of options will not go hungry if you research the old ways .
I havent had beef dripping for years, that brings back memories SS!
Cooking oil is the basic necessity of almost the entire fast food industry and most home cooks that do any frying. Those fast food places are the same ones you have been complaining about ruining home prepped food assembly. Lack of oil is going to be a big deal in the overall feeding of the population scheme.

As long as you have some fat bacon for breakfast there will be some oil to fry your spuds and eggs but oil, margarine or shortening is needed for most quick cooking, which is what you will be doing if you are trying to save fuel.

You can cook without it but it means someone staying home and tending a fire all day to either boil or roast a meal. Not many have the knowledge or time. That is why they are stopping for the fried stuff, though it may no longer be affordable soon.

Beef drippings sound like a plan, if you have cattle. How many head do you have munching out back?
How many hogs do you have on hand?

Even though you might not like the concept that it is too late to operate in a reactive mode, this time it may well be. This is the separation between the prepper that is looking two weeks down the road because these things always sort themselves out, and the prepper that is looking a year down the road knowing that the government is more worried about who had a Christmas party than how in hell they are going to keep food flowing into the country.

I am not saying not to plant, I simply know that most are not in a position to plant, have never done more than a container garden and have not the slightest ability to grow enough to last a full year. And yes, I am talking about "preppers".

I have seen the raggedy little veg patches people try to grow without fertilizer or manure. Usually they are completely nonproductive. A waste of seed. A good organic garden requires as much manure as it has dirt and still gives way less yield.

One good thing is that most small plot growers have a bit of nitrate based fertilizer in the shed and can get a little into the ground. It only takes a couple of spoonful per plant to get some growth. My own problem has always been using too much and burning the crop.
Beef dripping is on sale at Asda’s BP ! foods had no oil other than some olive oil , small bottles , restrictions are now in force everywhere on oils ......the farm foods shelf that held the huge oil jacks are gone ! They were stripped within 24 hrs ......a sign of things to come ...oil being just the start .....BTW Asda had no lard ? But we have plenty anyway ( you can freeze lard ) along with butter ....salted lasts about a year ! .....we tested out plain flour for bread making with good results ! ( in the bread maker ) ....bought six more 1.5 kilo bags at 45p each ....they will restrict flour shortly ! fact get used to most all foods becoming restricted wars are on the way , in fact have already started ! .....get used to it ! This is the new way of the world .....even if you can get it sure as hell will be paying through the nose for it ! .......seems to me sheeple are turning into preppers all of a sudden ! .'8
no, sheeple are NOT turning into preppers and never will, they are just going into panic mode, again!
I see Indonesia has banned the export of Palm Oil, thats in a lot of things these days, I think thats a good thing I hate the stuff and try to avoid it if I can.
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