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Full Version: Current next steps
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At the moment there is so much going on in the world, it makes it difficult to know what needs to be done next.

There is loads going on with the war and all that. There is a lot of talk about food shortages, fuel shortages, nuclear war and the rest. Some people are getting very worried about a financial crisis. Basically everything is very much piled up and crazy hu?

But what should you do next?

We've all seen the food shortages at the start of the pandemic. We all saw the huge queues at the bank with the Northern Rock collapse back in the 2007-2009 financial collapse. We all remember the flooding, freezing and blazing heat from 2010 to now. So what happens next?
What can a person do?

1. Panic.
Granted this is not exactly helpful, bit is most likely. Which is exactly why people bought all the toilet paper and emptied cash mashines. However, there are better options.

2. Start to prepare.
Granted it's an overwhelming option and it's difficult to know where to start. I'd suggest looking at the main site and going from there.

3. For those prepping, prep harder...the clock is ticking.
You should be aiming to spend approximately £5-£10 minimum a month, if not a week, extra on food storage and water. Get your fitness up as soon as possible. Get practicing skills. Not necessarily learning brand new ones, but practicing those that will be quickly critical in the early days of a SHTF situation.

There are those who prep for fun, like a hobby or escapism. That's cool. Enjoy it. There are those who prep as a way of life. There are those who think they prep, but don't realise the reality of what a grid down situation is like.

So, I put out a challenge for anyone reading this, for the bank holiday weekend, turn off the stopcock, unplug all your fuses, leave your wallet in a draw, keep your cupboards closed and only live off what you grow, hunt/trap and the alike. Day 1 will be easy. Day 2 will be a bit more boring. Day 3 you'll be really looking forward to the lights and power coming back on. But what if there was no Day 4? Just day 3 again and again?

Make sure your fridge and freezers have power, but for the rest, do it and see that life will be like AT IT'S BEST come an EOTWAWKI situation.
Looking forward to your posts S13 .....missed you and the input mate ! , I’ll try and keep up lol .
I see you got early release. Making room for all those who twatter wrongthink. Smile Nice to see you back.
Great to see SS and SD are still here.

Been living a good life and had loads going on. But basically, I'm all set and ready for things to go wrong elsewhere. My current situation means I should be able to support a few other people here too. But...I'm storing a weird prep at the moment. Jars. Collecting up as many as I can so that I can start pickling and storing more of my own produce.
Preppers prepping harder ? I know nothing else ! ....when I think I have no more room .....I find more room ! Somehow I manage , vinegar , salt , sugar , spices for pickling and preserves we have increased last week ....along with more tinned meats and veg .....our garden and the four poly tunnels are up and running, aquaponics
Hydroponics , auto watering beds all running right now.....all raised beds are full bar one .....the new mobile chicken coup will be completed by tomorrow .....we are prepared as anyone can be for what’s coming , the only certainty is’s coming and it will get a lot worse the likes of which many can’t seem to understand or even believe it’s actually going to happen me’s Here right Now .....Today ! .