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Full Version: Is Ukraine going to get Nuked ?
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If you had asked me this last year I would have laughed but with the Russians pulling back from Kiev it doesn’t look good. On a positive note Russia will be looking at a large fallout so nuking won’t be one sided.
So will Russia nuke Ukraine?
Is the fallout too big a price?
Will someone nuke Russia?
My personal opinion is that Putin is certifiably insane, and mad people do mad things. However....... not sure too many people in Russsia want to end up as radioactive ash, so, hopefully nukes will not be deployed. Just in case though, I have now asked OH for procedure in case of a nuclear strike.....! He said: "get plenty of booze in and pray!" Not sure if he was joking or not..
I would be more inclined that nukes ( tactical ) being used further afield than Ukraine if things go tango uniform as Putin has threatened ! Here in the UK for example and the USA , to deliver a more profound attention getter ! At the hart of the west , especially if the nuke is already in place for the opening gambit , Liz Truss needs to reel her neck in .....its as if she wants to increase the conflict .....if you keep prodding ....expect a knuckle sandwich ! .
talking about nuking anyone is a bullying tactic by Russia, they are losing the war in Ukraine and failing big time hence the threats of nuclear war.