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Full Version: Black outs.
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I’ve mentioned the issue with power cuts before but now it’s looking far more likely. I know up here in Scotland we are hanging by a thread due to the interference of the green brigade and I suspect all we need is a few wind free days in December and we are off.
Can I suggest.
1. If you do nothing else get a few candles.
2. Get some emergency lighting, for example a good camping lantern or even a good size battery and some LED lights.
3.A back up for the freezer, eg ups, generator etc.
4. A back up heat source eg gas and electricity or even the option of stand alone heating. I know some have woodburners etc.

Yes I agree joe , it’s not if but when ! Speaking for myself I am set and have been for quite some time .....I did upgrade with two new generators and fuel to run them ....paraffin lanterns , solar setup and batteries , led lighting and loads of candles ......heating wise , I hold twelve 47 kilo cylinders of lpg I never go down to less than ten....the wood stove for heat and cooking plus camping gas stoves and 32 canisters of gas ......firewood we have enough for two years maybe three ......adding all the time ......I would expect most on here to be well set except for some newbies who will catch up shortly I’m sure ..
Very confusing figures on Scotland's energy generation.

I can not understand much of it truthfully. I never saw so much double talk and "newspeak" in my days.

They report renewable energy as if it were the only form produced then they say it only represents 21% of the total generation and wind only produces 27% of the renewables.

It appears that 73% of your renewable power is hydro-electric.

79% of your total power comes from somewhere else, apparently natural gas.

That is all I can figure from the convoluted math they offer. I may be wrong.
To be honest MB I do longer believe a bloody word of anyone in authority or even worse the main media , the only thing I do believe in my own efforts and solely on them can depend on only that you have control over.
Mort I would take those figures with a pinch of salt. The Hydro can produce a large amount of power but it’s not continual, it’s stored for peak demand.
The big issue is over reliance on wind power and the obsessive closure of coal fired stations.
The bottom line is we have a very high chance of the lights going out because governments have decided to listen to unqualified green activist groups instead of experts qualified in power delivery.
for many years Britain's demand for power every winter has nearly outstripped supply, I say nearly because we have bought extra from France, the electricity supply being run by EDF the national electricity company of FRANCE, what with the Chinese involvement in Technology and the French in Electricity, we are being run from abroad.
we havent got enough power stations yet the govt wants us all to drive electric vehicles, where is the extra electricity supposed to come from?
plain stupidity.
It's not just us the whole Western world is in for an eye opener around electrickery and when it does all the green scam will be kicked to the sidelines.

We are lucky though in the UK. the lack of electrickery isn't going to kill us. It will however make a lot of millennials cry and as it is going to be blackouts rather than a complete shutdown we won't even have to use any of the power generating kit we put aside for emergencies.
We have a similar range of back ups to SS, candles, hurricane lamps, wind up led lanterns and all lighting is led and can be run of a leisure battery through an inverter. But we do need more solar generation and a couple more leisure batteries to allow for short dull winter days.

As no mains electricity would cut out the central heating (mains gas) we have smokeless coal to last a year and probably enough lpg for cooking if we’re careful, more would be useful.

We also have a two camping gas lanterns (with spare mantles) that use the 206 cartridge, these run for about 8 hours and give out quite a lot of heat, two birds with one stone, so more cartridges would be good.

Summer blackouts will be awkward for the freezers, we have a generator and some petrol for power cuts, for a long term SHTF event we would cook or salt food as it thawed out.

I think that covers us pretty well, however its important to work out your needs before an event, small or large.

At the moment our thoughts are more on our water storage and the lack of rain.