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RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Timelord - 15 April 2012

I have tested the saw's out. I wouldn't have built it as is if not already trialled. The other parts I will soon test. I know already that the axe & knife parts are fine. The spade will get tested asap. The prybar will be tested for strength. It is a pretty robust piece of kit as intended. I will as you say be testing it all out in the field ASAP, especially the scabbard/holster system. The rubberised grip may be too grippy and may need something smoother over the top. That will have to be tried out.

I will post results & some photo's of the field tests in the near future. :-) , TL.

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Skean Dhude - 15 April 2012

When you say volunteers... to sharpen or to try it out and which end would the volunteer be at?

just curious.

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - bigpaul - 15 April 2012

(15 April 2012, 02:17)Timelord Wrote: I was thinking that now maybe I should get a colour dyed mohican and invest in studded leather biker wear with sleeves ripped off, Oh and lots of dodgy tatoo's & facial jewellery & super rock boots. That should complement the new toy nicely! :-)
oy, thats my lookTongue

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Timelord - 16 April 2012

(15 April 2012, 12:52)Skean Dhude Wrote: When you say volunteers... to sharpen or to try it out and which end would the volunteer be at?

just curious.

You know what curiosity did?

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Timelord - 9 May 2012

Started the sharpening process last night. Hand filed from the purposefully left blunt edge to a the correct profile/sharp. Probably didn't do my files much good but I wanted to control the initial angle profiling by hand. So far the initial profiling is just along the axe edge. Next will be the blade extension forward of that. I hope my files can handle it. I might have to give it a light touch with a grinder first. The spade end will be left profiled but not quite sharp as it needs to be robust when hitting stones etc.

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Timelord - 7 June 2012

Forgot about this implement still needing work. Will be sharpening the blade edge tommorrow and testing this Saturday at the bow & arrow day. Project will then be complete!

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Hrusai - 5 July 2012

the ATAX its a fabulously multitool does so many godamned things...its an axe a fire bow bearing, a knife, a skinning tool, an arrow launcher, an inclinometer...etc...etc...its fabulous Smile

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Timelord - 5 July 2012

Thankyou for that...

Is it really that good? Have you got one & tried it out or just read the advertisement? It has some big claims for its functionality. Cuts and chops like a sword?? But not an axe???? funny that. A sword is not ideal for camp duties. I see quite a few good points about it and also some overhyped claims for certain aspects. A very useful tool - yes, but maybe not quite as all round good as it claims.. This bit about the military and other specialist martial artists putting together a self defense regime for this product -- It's a hand axe/knife thing that can be fastened to a stick as a rudimentary axe!! What professional self defence studies need doing for that? Sounds like more Hype. Anyway, it looks like a useful tool with capabilities.

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - NorthernRaider - 6 July 2012

As a hand axe is pretty darn useless, it needs fixing to a shaft to be effective and that is not easy. ATAX has been out since the 80s and was reviewed in the American Survival Guide, not bad for skinning deer, but no weight or swing for using as an axe. IIRC most reviewers said get a machette.

RE: Ultimate camp/survivor tool? - Hrusai - 6 July 2012

well even if it doesnt perform quite as well as it should for some tasks like being an axe having an inclinometer and ready to go fire bevel and some of the other things it can do are pretty damn useful

also it will've been changed alot since the 80's