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RE: Caca-Cola - MaryN - 31 March 2017

Not a G&T drinker eh, MB? Well, you have my sympathy. On a hot day, a nice long glass with lots of ice and lemon - it is unbeatable. You can keep your iced tea and all the other stuff - who drinks tea with ice in it? Don't you have kettles over there?

RE: Caca-Cola - Mortblanc - 31 March 2017

I will bet you there are more iced tea drinkers in the U.S. than there are hot tea drinkers in the U.K., simple math.

Kettles?? We don't need no stinkin' kettles. I live in the southern U.S. We can drop a dozen tea bags into a one gallon glass jug, drop in a couple of sliced lemons and fill it up with water. Sit it in the sun for a couple of hours and you have tea. Pour it over the crushed ice and it is perfect. We call it "sun tea".

Plenty of kettles over here but not like the ones you use. Since you need a supply of hot water that is what your kettle is made for. As coffee drinkers primarily our "kettles" are designed as drip coffee makers with an urn to hold the hot brew.

I have a dedicated pot for making tea with my "coffee maker" for my detestable iced drinks. I put the tea bags into the pot and run the hot water through the maker into the pot, let if brew for two hours and them mix with sugar and pour over the ice. Delicious!

Our teas are not well blended for hot consumption from what I hear. Fortunately I have folk that keep me supplied in good tea from your side for a hot drink and I have tried your tea blends as iced tea and found them not so good for that use. They are better hot.

We drink almost any nonalcoholic drink in a cold form over here. Iced coffees and frapachinos are very popular as well as the iced teas we consume by the barrel. We have citrus drinks that contain no natural citrus, but do have 4x the caffeine as a cup of tea, in a form known locally as "Mountain Dew". And we have the root beers and sarsaparillas made fro herbs and twigs boiled up in a kettle and bottled, then chilled to near freezing for consumption.

We also prefer out beers and ales chilled to the point of freezing. If they do not hurt you teeth they are not cold enough.

Back to the original thread, back in the 1930s coca-cola did some test marketing in the UK before building bottling plants over there. Most Uk residents had the same opinion of the entire range of cold drinks and CC decided to not invest in a market that would not support their products due to not having a cold beverage culture, except for the G&T with crushed ice.

During the war they brought bottling plants to every area of Europe to service the GI population and I suppose some of the British adopted our habits.

Coca Cola actually had portable bottling plants that followed the troops as they moved across Europe.

RE: Caca-Cola - CharlesHarris - 1 April 2017

Coca Cola also established bottling plants to serve US troops in Vietnam and since the war ended has spent $300 million modernizing their facilities and building a new plant in Hanoi.

As for tea, I am fortunate that a good friend of mine spends several months each year accompanying a medical mission to Sri Lanka and he keeps me well supplied with tea which equals the best I ever had in UK. In winter I drink it hot and strong without milk or sugar, although occasionally in the evening I'll spike it work a shot of Gosselings Black Seal Bermuda rum or Pussers.

RE: Caca-Cola - Mortblanc - 1 April 2017

You can only do that in West Virginia,

I do not think rum is allowed in Kentucky.

RE: Caca-Cola - harrypalmer - 1 April 2017

'Drip coffee makers'...people still use those? Awful throwback to the 70's lol I've got a £300 Gaggia coffee machine but to be honest, most days I use one of many Cafetiere's I seem to have accumulated over time, very simple and you get a good coffee in no time. Coffee made Greek/Turkish style takes longer to make in a Briki but is superb, served with a glass of water to cleanse the pallet Smile I got hooked on Greek coffee when I was based on Cyprus...happy days (and the Cypriots are truly lovely people)

MB, one for you to try out A perfect start to a summer evening before dinner.

RE: Caca-Cola - CharlesHarris - 2 April 2017

Cowboy boiled coffee unless you have a French press.

RE: Caca-Cola - Mortblanc - 3 April 2017

Don't have a French press.

Don't have one of the those Ga-Ga Bo-Bo girly man whatever the he!! it is things either.

Don't do mocas, laties, expressos, or capichinos or anything that fell out of a cat's butt either. .

Don't do cowboy coffee much any more. Not since I made a batch in the dark at camp and mistook my pinto beans for coffee beans.

Boiled those pintos for nearly an hour trying to get coffee out of them!

Actually I do enjoy a good pot of boiled coffee simmering on the campfire. Got the big 36 cup enamelware trail boss coffee pot too.

I am not real picky about coffee. My preps are big jars of instant.